Introduction: Cutout Bookmark

The Silhouette Portrait is a great tool to use to create text-heavy designs for bookmarks.


  • Silhouette Portrait
  • Computer with Silhouette Studio software
  • Card stock
  • Cutting mat
  • Spatula tool

Step 1: Create Design

Open Silhouette Studio software and design what you’d like on the bookmark.

Step 2: Set It Up for Cutting

Place cardstock on the cutting mat and feed cutting mat into Silhouette.

In the Silhouette Studio software:

  • Open the Cut Settings window
  • Material Type: select Cardstock
  • Adjust blade size to the number suggested
  • Send to cutter

Step 3: You’ve Got a Bookmark!

Unload cutting mat from the Silhouette. Carefully peel cardstock from the mat. Use the spatula tool to remove any extra pieces.