Introduction: Cutting Handle for Bearing

This is an exciting project for someone with some basic technics skills.

Some time ago I purchased the bearing linear LM10UU. Im testing this bearing. In turns out is defecting. Because bearing wobble. Measuring defect very big = ok 1mm.

Im construct patent.

I developed construct cutting handle for proxxon model IBS/E.

Thanks to this patent we can fix the defect wooble bearing.

Step 1: Test Deffect Bearing

First step is measuring deffect.

Bearing wobble is about 1mm. This very big wooble.

Step 2: Step 1: Project End Printing Handle for Bearing

This is handle two types for bearing.

First typ is simple handle.

Second typ is clamping handle.

The project was made in Fusion360.

Printing for creality ender3.

Material: PET-G

Step 3: Step 2: Test Bearing in Handle.

Wobble test

1.First test in simple handle. Result ~1mm

2.Second test in clamping handle. Result ~1mm

Step 4: Step 3: Project & Printing Cuting Handle

This project: "cuting handle" in made to Fusion 360.

Printing Ender3, Material PET-G.

Step 5: Step 4: Applay Glue

This step, applay epoxy glue in handle for proxxon. Paste linear guide.

Step 6: View

This view bearing inside.

Step 7: Step 5: Maching Bearing Cutting

Cutting is slowly and precision.

Step 8: Step 6. Insert

Insert bearing to clamping handle.We screw the screws.

Step 9: Step 7: Test Modified Bearing

Result i very good.

Wobble decrease, is only ~ 0,1 mm.

Good Joob!!!

Step 10: Step 10: Watch the Movie

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