Introduction: Cycle While Homeworking

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I had seen a video a long back about the way Google was exploring the other way of working. I mean not in the way to do the things, but more like making some activity while working.

it seems that you could be even a driver on being more creative, and we also know that the sport is a natural way to reveal your stress

For example some company like mine also tried to introduce the "Walking Meeting" it is a great way to share with your team in another context and it can be way more productive than usual meetings.

As we are having a Lockdown due to Corona virus also in Belgium, i had the feeling of not moving and my fitness tracker was also continuously reminding me that fact ;-)

I then though back of that idea of being able to do a sport activity while doing something else like homeworking.
(I had also an idea of dooing the same for Ironing while biking, but this might be for a next evolution)


  • A Home cycling equipment with a movable handlebars
  • 3D printer
  • some filament

Step 1: Model the Way to Fix the Desk Board on the Handlebars

For this I have taken the measures on the Handlebar, all this step has been done with the caliper.

At then end I could see that there is no difference of size in the bar of the handlebar.

Then I decided the make one design and then print 6 parts to make sure that the desk will be well fixed and that even if I bike..everything would remain stable

Step 2: Printing of the Parts

Since I got only 6 parts, I then could make them all fit on the same board of printer.

All got printed in the same print

See some information about the print realized:

Model size: 207.80mm × 141.59mm × 19.70mm
Filament (Tool 0): 19.47m
Filament (Tool 1): 0.01m
Estimated print time: 4.5 hours
Print time: 05:23:22

Step 3: Fixing the Desk Board

After the printing the handle are easy to fix with 2 screws.

It is very handy as the bar is bended and then by placing well the handle along the bar it is making it very strong and stable.

As the bar is covered also with some foam, it will help on absorbing the vibrations that i am generating while cycling.

Step 4: Summary and Evolution

So now I have a great way to make exercise while making my duties at work, this is very convenient and then you do not have the feeling of getting fat during the lockdown period and the fitness tracker stop complaining

I have added also an extra, as you woud be probably like me using 2 screens for the work.

Then it is very important not to make it fall down.

Therefore I have worked on a support for the screen to avoid movement. I'll update with pictures and videos of the whole set very soon

If you have any idea of complementary thing to model, please add a comment on this tutorial

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