Introduction: DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System From Star Wars: Republic Commando

Hello all! Today we are going to make a DC-17m with blaster attachment from Star Wars : Republic Commando.

Step 1:

Before I give the list I would like to warn you that Hot Glue and Hobby Knifes are dangerous. Above is a picture of a burn I got. Remember, ask permission before attempting this project.
Be safe!

What You'll need:

Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks,
Hobby Knife,
Foam Board,
Acrylic Paint,
Paint Brush,
Toilet Paper Tube,
And a Pen Casing.

Step 2: Starting Your Project

Okay, to start this off you need a picture. Any picture of this gun will work.
But if you want this picture search EXACTLY what the title says and you should see this.
Then you want to size it to a size you think is good for you.
After that tape the two sheets together and cut off the piece you see in picture 6.
Finally tape it to foam board and cut out 2 without and 1 with the trigger on it.

Step 3: Adding Details.

Then cut off the handle and the grip and cut out 2 of the main part.

Step 4: Attaching Details.

Glue the detail parts to the pieces WITHOUT triggers then attach the piece WITH a trigger in the middle of the other two. It should now be 5 pieces of foam board thick.

Step 5: More Details.

Cut off pieces in photo 1 and 7 and attach like in photo 2 and 3 and 4

Step 6: Adding Boxes

Cut off pieces in photo 1 and 2 and attach like in 7. Put the second box at a slightly higher slant than the other pieces.


Now cut out both pieces in photo 1 and make the formation in photo 3. This box will be on the same level as the others. And the small piece will be on the same slant as box 2 from step 6.

Step 8: The Other Side.

The other side is the same except don't include the holes on the first two boxes.

Step 9: Now Add the Grip.

This step is really simple. Cut out the pieces on the grip and discard the one shown on top and attach like in photo 2 and 3.

Step 10: Sanding

Now sand all the edges.

Step 11: The Blaster Attachment

cut out the piece in photo 1 and attach like in 3, 4, and 5.

Step 12: The Locking Mech

On the base gun add a toilet paper tube and cut a hole to glue a magnet in and attach a pen casing. After that add a washer on top of a 1/2 inch piece of PVC onto the blaster attachment so that the hole lines up with the pen casing. Then on the blaster attachment add the sight.
This completes the locking mech.

Step 13: The Magazine

Make a piece the size of the hole of the first box in step 6 and make t into a box that will fit into that hole.

Step 14:

Now add a 1/2 Inch piece of PVC onto a cork and attach to the attachment where the barrel is.

Step 15: Paint.

I have no pictures of this process but paint it how you like.

Step 16: You're Finished!

This is the finished product! you can make yours as similar or as different from ours as you want! if you make it put your pictures in the comments! Also, this is our first Instrucrable so be kind! Thank you.

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