Introduction: DIY 10min Slushie Using Ice and Salt Method

This is not a recipe, but a method to freeze drinks 3-4 times quicker than you'd using a freezer. It will work with any type of drink (except coke, freezing does something weird to it) and takes under 10 minutes. No equipment required, no washing up, no waiting for your drink to chill. Perfect for those in desperate need of a gin slushie and if you have kids, it could work as a fun science project (I went through 10kg of ice with my nephews before they had enough).

Here's a link to an article explaining what happens when salt is added to ice:


500g of ice cubes
1/2-1 cup of salt
Small zip lock bag
Beverage of your choice, alcoholic or not, it will work either way

Step 1: Bag It

Pour your drink into a small ziplock bag, remove air and seal well.

Step 2: Ice and Salt Bath

I like to layer my ice and salt. Start by putting some ice at the bottom of a bowl, sprinkle with salt (about 2TBS). Add another layer of ice and sprinkle that with salt. Put a ziplock bag on top, cover with more ice, press it lightly to allow the bag to come in contact with ice and sprinkle with salt. Add final ice layer and... you guessed it, sprinkle with salt.

Leave it for 6-10 minutes to freeze.

You will need minimum 500g of ice for 1-2 slushees. Increase the amount of ice if you decide to make more beverages.

It's better to use smaller, crushed ice cubes, so smash them with a hammer or a rolling pin.

Step 3: Frozen Slushee

Pull the ziplock bag out and wash it quickly under running water to get rid of salt residue (skip if you are making Margarita slushies). Squeeze the bag to break any bigger ice crystals, cut the corner of the bag and pipe the slushie into a glass.

Step 4: Enjoy

Brain freeze can be soothed by pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

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