Introduction: DIY: 2 Simple Magnet Motors You Can Make

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1.3 PCS Disc Neodymium magnets

2.triple-a batteries

3.Some Copper wire

Step 1:

1.We're going to take a double-a battery and fix 3 of our rare earth magnets to the lowest of it

Step 2:

2. we want to take about one foot of our bare copper wire bend your twine in half and use a pair of pliers,To pinch where it's bent now, permit's bend the cord into a form of a coronary heart shape,You'll need to the touch the bent part of your twine to the pinnacle of your battery

Step 3:

3. we need to bend the 2 ends of our cord so that they will run directly across the center of Neodymium magnets if you,Have excess wire protruding too some distance trim that off,You'll additionally want to bend your wires to make certain that the 2 ends are parallel to every other,At this factor we ought to be able to make a small motor through setting the wire on top of the battery so that the 2,Ends of the wire are in contact with the magnets the wire ought .

Step 4:

Now you could see that the wire did start to move, however it fast destabilized and fell off,So we are going to add multiple curves on the lowest wires to keep it extra securely onto Neodymium Rare Earth magnet by way of bending the wire,Around the battery we can create a kind of groove to be able to line up with the magnets and hold our twine in place,I'm gonna see if it worked any higher with the magnets on the alternative facet so the,Little nib of copper does not should balance pretty so flawlessly on the tip of the battery,Well now it just slipped off the other a part of the battery, It nevertheless made contact right there on the little edge, so it is nevertheless I'll subsequently slow down alright,hold having my little copper motor spin so fast that it falls off.

And I'm looking for ways to make it stay in location so I think what I'm gonna attempt to do is I'm going to,Try and placed a tiny divot within the lower back of the battery so as to supply our little pivot factor some thing to live balanced in so,It does not fly off pretty so without problems,I even have a nail with a slightly dull head,and I'm going to try to line that up with the very center of the returned of the battery and,Lightly tap it with a hammer to give it a pleasing dent,I need to be careful of course that I do not stab into the battery,I do not recognize precisely what that could do, but I'm sure it wouldn't be appropriate,All right, it truly is now not bad, permit's attempt that out and spot if it's gonna work. That's working pretty well,Oh my gosh,And it's spinning so fast that it is inertia is inflicting the battery and magnets to rotate the alternative path a touch bit. That's pretty funny,There you have got plainly creating a dent in the battery does a pretty exact task of supporting it stay centered,And it would not fall off as without problems