Introduction: How to Build Elon Musk's Hyperloop With a Battery and Magnets?

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Do you know the Hyperloop, the electromagnetic train project of Elon Musk, the flamboyant boss of Tesla Motors and SpaceX? We don't have its billions but we're going to build one too ... With a battery, Neodymium Magnets and copper wire.

Elon Musk remains in the media every week. The South African that enhanced himself in the net-economy by developing Paypal has today come to be a star-patron with SpaceX, the initial subcontractor of Nasa, and Tesla, the firm which revolutionizes the sector of batteries and electric vehicles with its high-end designs. But Elon Musk does not wish to quit there: he plans to colonize Mars and also transform the high-speed train with the Hyperloop, his Los Angeles-San Francisco line task. A group of MIT pupils has actually just won the style competition which intends to make this electrical and magnetic train traveling at 1200 km/ h, which revisits the centenary method of the pneumatic tube, a fact.

If Elon Musk's transport change makes young as well as old dreams, the Hyperloop is not for tomorrow. In the meantime, if a kid asks you "draw me a Hyperloop", you will be able to do better: construct one to have fun with.

Step 1: Manufacturing Principle

If the Hyperloop is going so fast, it is due to the fact that the guest cabin distributes in a tube whose air has actually been diminished to supply less resistance. A turbine at the front of the lorry makes use of the remaining air to levitate the cabin. However, the train is above all propelled by a magnetic field. And also this is the force we will utilize to develop our mini Hyperloop.

Step 2: Necessary Material :

  • - AAA battery
  • - Six super disc magnets 10 mm in diameter
  • - A brass washer 10 mm in diameter
  • - 0.9 mm copper wire
  • - A marker pen
  • - Wooden battens

Step 3: Motor Manufacturing

The power capsule is composed of the AAA battery and super magnets. The variety of magnets is optional however we suggest three magnets on each side for the very best weight/ power ratio. On the positive part of the pile (protrusion), add a brass washer to support the assembly.

You can enhance the motor car, taking care not to cover the magnets. Offer numerous good quality batteries because the system makes use of a great deal of power (regarding 5 minutes of freedom). Take care, very magnets are really effective, you can obtain squeezed!

Step 4: Tube Manufacturing

Televisions are made using copper cable. This is the most laborious procedure: it will certainly involve winding the cable always parallel, around an item with a size higher than the heap, 4-5 mm more. A marker pen will certainly do the trick to act as a stand.

The best choice is to make concerning 7 turns every 2 cm. Tighter, you will no more see the capsule flow; much less limited, the capsule will go slower.

Step 5: Circuit Development

This is where we have a good time, depending on the copper video footage, you will have the ability to make a course alternating straight lines, contours, small climbs/ descents to, for example, pass a tube over the other. Think about using wood cleats or tiny pieces of plastic to support or raise the circuit.

The curves must not be also limited to allow the capsule pass without way too much rubbing. One choice is to produce open areas. You require to create two tubes wound in the opposite instructions to the circuit. Traffic signals, as well as various other decoration aspects, are delegated to your imagination.

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