Introduction: DIY $20 Camera Slider

Camera sliders can be very expensive and if you have just splurged on a high quality video camera or other video and/or audio equipment you may not have the money for a professional slider.

In this tutorial I will teach you how to build your own camera slider so you can experiment with a camera slider and film cool new angles for you vlogs or other videos.

To build this camera slider you will need:

  • Wooden blocks or a wooden plank
  • 24 inch drawer/cabinet slider
  • bolt, washer and nut
  • 2 screws
  • camera mount

Step 1: Mount Slider on Wooden Blocks

First you mount the drawer/cabinet slider on a wooden block or piece of plank on both ends by simply screwing the slider to the wood.

Step 2: Mount Piece of Plastic or Wooden Block on the Slider

Then put a bolt through the middle hole of the slider through a piece of plastic or wood, put a washer on and secure it with a bolt

Step 3: Mount GoPro Mount or Other Mount on the Wood or Plastic

Now secure your camera mount to the bolt so you can attach your camera

Step 4: Put Your Camera on the Mount and You're Done

Now put your camera on the camera mount and you're ready to use your brand new slider that only cost you 20 bucks!

If you want to use this slider to improve your vlogs but you don't have a camera yet or are looking to upgrade you can use the vlogging camera guide from VloggingPro