Introduction: DIY 3D Printed Earbuds Prototype I

Today we are going to build some Earbuds. I had some speakers from an iPad 4 which I found years ago on the street. It did not work, however some components were in a good shape and I left them until this day.

Speakers from the iPad are on the right and on the left you can compare them to the speaker units from 5$ earbuds.


ABS AmazonBasic

Speaker from an old crushed iPad 4

Step 1: The Housing

As my friend gave me a 3D printer for a while, and it is quarantine time now, he can not take it back. So I decided to finally prepare a housing in AutoCAD and send it to the printer. This is a 3D model ready to be sliced for the printer.

Step 2: The 3D Print

It took about an hour and a half to print and here how it looked.

Step 3: Some Adjustments

Some adjustments were done so the speaker fits in. And here I am fitting it right in.

Step 4: The First Prototype

So this is how the final Earpieces look. I did not glue them together because i want them to be easily dissembled for the next part. This is a first prototype and there has to be a second part of this post soon.

Step 5: The Video

Please see a process video.

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