DIY Air Desinfector Under 100$ | Protect From COVID-19




Introduction: DIY Air Desinfector Under 100$ | Protect From COVID-19

You will Need:

- Ventilation tube 150-200mm Diameter

- Air extractor for WC (50m3/h is enough)

- Philips Tube UV-C 50W or more or other Ultraviolet tube lamp with a wavelength 254nm.

- Electric Balast + 2 fluoriscent lamp sockets

- Wires + Power cable

- Disk valve for the tube chosen before - Plasterboard profile (more or less more like in the video) - Basic Tools

Everything can be bought in a store such as Walmart or online at Amazon under 100$

Step 1: Video Demo, No Need to Read

Step 2: Cut the Pipe

If the ventilation pipe is too long you can cut it with a saw shown on an image. Wrap a piece of paper around to make a perfect cut.

Step 3: Wooden Legs

Wooden legs were chosen as wood is quite cheap and is normally available everywhere.

Step 4: Metal Leg

To remove the step with wooden legs you can simply buy a piece like a chimney cowl to support the leg.

Step 5: The Lamp Holder

The lamp holder is made of a plaster board metal profile and the socked is screwed to it.

Step 6: Test the Lamp Before Installing It Inside

Step 7: Electronic Ballast

To function the lamp needs an electronic balast ans you have a small scheme on the ballast to understand how to connect the lamp. The power wire was soldered and then the wire for the motor was soldered as well.

Step 8: Motor Preparation

It is a normal 20$ air extractor, normally used in WCs. In order to fit it inside the tube all the excessive plastic needs to be removed.

Step 9: Motor & Lamp Test

Step 10: Motor Attachment

The motor is attached with an expandable foam.

Step 11: The Disk Valve

The Disk Valve is installed to control the air flow. If the air passes to fast the bacteria will not have enough contact with the light and therefore will not be killed.

Step 12: The Finnished Air Disinfector

Step 13: Video Demo

In the video every step is described.

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    2 years ago

    It is a bit irresponsible to make a claim against COVID 19 for your build. There is no way it would be effective. The contact time with the low powered UV source you use would not be powerful enough to kill viral particles rushing past in the flow of air created.


    2 years ago

    If you can see the UV lamp glow, you are affected by UV radiation. Not by much, but still, it's a 50W lightbulb, not a cheap LED knockoff. Close the vent or cover it with PE filter. A filter helps with ionized dust particles, too.
    Another thing, UV desinfection efficiency drops in mere cm from the lamp. Make a narrower pipe and house the electronics inna separate case.
    Third thing, the whole UV recirculator thingie is patented, so at least don't sell it (:

    Source: a company that patented and sells them.