Introduction: DIY 3D Printed Gold Hoop Earrings

This guide helps walk you through the process of creating some super rad 3D printed gold hoop earrings. You can also use this guide to help you paint any 3d model printed. This project can be designed and 3d printed at the Black & Veatch Makerspace located within the Johnson County Library, 9875 W 87th St, Overland Park, KS 66212.

Step 1: Tools & Materials Needed


  • Small Cardboard Box
  • Paper clip
  • Primer (or filler primer)
  • Gold Paint
  • 200+ Very Fine Grit Sandpaper
  • Hook Hardware for Earrings

Tools: (available free at MakerSpace)

  • Tinkercad Account
  • Corel Draw (or Illustrator, or Inkscape)
  • 3d Printer & Filament

Step 2: Create Your 3d Model

This video shows you step-by-step how to create hooped earrings model in the free web-based program called Tinkercad and also how to import a custom SVG image using fonts you cannot utilize in Tinkercad. You can create SVGs in Illustrator, Corel Draw (from video), or free programs like Inkscape. If you run into problems importing your SVG into TinkerCAD, come into the library and ask one of the MakerSpace Facilitators for some tips.

Step 3: Print Your 3d Model

Reserve a 3d printer through our website and you can 3d print your custom designed project for free! If you cannot find a reservation, we recommend coming into the library when we first open to secure one of our 3d printers designated for walk-ins only.

Step 4: Sand, Prime, and Paint!

After your 3d print is finished you will want to lightly sand the 3d print with fine grit sandpaper to help the primer get better adhesion to the plastic model. Fold the sandpaper over, or roll the sandpaper up to get into small crevasses. You can also use a utility knife for trimming and cleaning up your 3d model.

1. Sand

  • Lightly using 200+ sand paper

2. Prime

  • Use your cardboard box and paperclips to hang your hoops for priming and painting
  • Lighty sand the model in between coats of primer

3. Paint

  • To add an extra layer of protection, after the paint cures you can spray a clear coat of acrylic.