Introduction: DIY $45 FPV Goggles for RC Quad Copters or Planes

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In my opinion the best way to enjoy FPV is with video goggles. Sadly the cheapest FPV goggles out there is around $150. $150 I don't have. So i came up with a solution! A DIY pair you can make for $45! Sure the experience isn't as great as what you would get from a Fatshark or other high end FPV goggles, but its definitely worth the 45 bucks! 

The goggles consist of a 4.3 inch LCD screen, Foam board, Ski Goggles, and Duct tape (color)

Step 1: Parts / Materials

4.3 Inch LCD screen - $25
(I got mine here)

Ski Goggles - i got mine from Walmart - around $15 Bucks

Dollar tree foam board 
Hot Glue and glue gun
Duct tape (any color you want)

Hobby Knife 
Straight edge 

Step 2: Screen Distance

Determining the distance the screen is from your face is critical!! For everybody the distance may be different depending on the users eyesight.

Place the screen in front of your face and find a distance you like. Then take a ruler and measure how far it is from your nose to the front of the screen. Record the measurement.

In my case i liked 3 1/2 in

Step 3: Constructing the Screen Housing

Start by popping out the lens of the ski goggles. Trace the top part of the goggles onto the foam board, find the middle of the Goggles and draw a straight line out. (Make sure you use a square) From the leading edge of the goggles measure out the distance you want  the screen (step 3's measurement) Find the length of the screen and center it on the line(picture 5) Then find the width of the screen and and add that measurement from the line where the screen would sit. Draw another line where the back of the screen would be. (the same length from Picture 5) From the corner of the goggles to the very far line Draw a line with a straight edge.(Picture 8) Do the same on the other side. Make notches on the line that was just drawn. The notches should be 1 cm deep and 1 1/4 inch long, space the two with another inch. Duplicate on the other side and make sure the distance from the corner of the goggles to first notch is the same. (notches may be different depending on the distance you choose the screen to be) Cut the piece out and trace it onto foam board. Cut the piece out.

First find the height of the screen and add 1/8 of an inch. Then find the length of the base board. (the tapered side) Make a square with the two measurements that you just acquired.(Don't cut out yet) Lay the base board next to the side and make marks on where the notches are. The notches on the side board should come out NOT in! Cut it out, trace it, and cut that one out.

Step 4: Gluing and Tape

Now glue all the piece together to construct the housing. Add strapping tape or packaging tape on the edges.  

Test fit the screen and if there is a gap cut a piece of foam board out and glue it the housing. 

Bevel the edges of the housing as in Picture 6

Glue the top of the housing to the goggles. The bottom of the goggles may not fit. I used one of the rounded edges that was cut out previously from the top or bottom base boards. I then removed the paper from the inner side to make it more flexible. Glue it in along with the bottom of the goggles. 

Make a notch for your nose if needed

Step 5: Duct Tape and Mounting the Screen

Cover the housing in duct tape for color and to make the inside darker for better Video footage.  Stark with the top, then the bottom, and then the sides. 

Glue the LCD display in with a bead of glue!

Give it a test!

Step 6: Done!

Now enjoy the feeling of flying like never before!!

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