Introduction: DIY 800w Daylight Video Light

I wanted to create a key light from some simple hardware store supplies for aboout $100.  The light uses an aluminum pan, dishpan, and eight 100-watt equivalent compact fluorescent CFL bulbs mounted to it.  When the light is turned on it creates 800-watt equivalent lighting.  This do it yourself lighting equipment will be a wonderful addition to any lighting situation that needs more daylight.

In order to create the light you will need 13x9" aluminum cake pan with lid to mount the lights, 12x10" white plastic dishpan used to reflect the light.  Four weatherproof sockets, four socket splitters, eight 100w equivalent CFLs, wired on off switch, metal handle, plastic flag pole holder, blank plastic yard sign, clear silicone sealant, ¾" screws and nuts, bare AC cablem, six wire guards, and 12-guage wire.  In total you will spend under $100 at the store. 

The light could be used as a key light, or even as a backlight to fill the room and give it depth.  The amount of light this is able to produce would make this an accentual asset to any lighting kit.   It 's lightweight and easy to setup.  The dishpan makes it easy to clip on wax paper used for a great diffuser.  You can also attach gels on to give some cool color lighting effects. 

This was my first attempt at building my own light and was inspired by Griffin over at Indy Mogul.
If you want to see the original video follow this link:

The light output is 12,800 lumens and uses only 184 actual watts.  The color temperature is 5,000 degrees Kelvin (also called "daylight.")  Power consumption draws 3.2 amps.

Wiring diagram:

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