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I made this project because I was fascinated with the idea of how you can turn your passion into a wonderful work of art. This is a great gift idea for a special someone or love ones! You don't need to be super creative (this project will automatically turn your creative level high) this may look complicated but it was actually simple and easy!! I hope that you'll love it as much as I did!! Happy creating! <3

Step 1: All About the Baby ~

I got these baby from "My little ones" for $15 each (Full body) if you want to contact them just PM me.

What you'll need here is :
Clear Glue
Super Glue Loctite : $1.77 on walmart
Neodymium magnets (the smallest one) $5 on ebay
Yarn (for the hair) *optional
Round magnet *optional for baby stand test purposes*
2 toothpicks

First I cut the yarn into small pieces..
Then on 1 toothpick i put the glue on the head
And on another toothpick I carefully put the yarn to act as the hair of the baby..

Add and repeat until you got your desired hair

Second, I stick one Neodymium magnet using superglue on each foot so that the baby can stand alone.
Then test it out with some round magnet I have.

Step 2: Angel in the Making ~

*optional ~
It can be just a baby standing on the swing..

What you need :
Porcelain clay.. or any clay that hardens.

I shaped the wings then design it using a toothpick.
I stick the wings at the back of the baby using super glue as it hardens.

Step 3: Draw the Plan ~

I draw a plan of what I want my box scene would look like ~

Just draw what you'd like your project to look like..
Mine is a Angel standing on the swing with a mini bible under it and some clouds as a background with a saying "Say a little Prayer"

Just experiment ~

Step 4: Creating the Plan to Life ~

What You'll need :

1 BBQ stick
Crystal Box - $1.50ea at Daiso
Picture for Background *optional*
Fairy lights - $2.99 at ebay
Tapes : regular and Double sided - $1.99 at Walmart
Yarn color of your choice *optional*
Magnetic tape - $5.78 at Walmart
Super glue loctite - $1.77 at walmart
Flower and jewel bead for decorations - $1.50 per pack


Cut and adjust the BBQ stick.. this will serve as the holder of the swing.

I printed some sky background *optional* you can create and choose your own background. I used my canon selphy printer. And a saying : "Say a little prayer."
Cut and adjust the picture until desired.
I used double sided tape to stick it on to the box.

Fold and roll the fairy lights on the BBQ stick.. the switch will serve as the "chair" its where the angel will stand.

If satisfied. Roll your choice of yarn to cover the copper part of the light..

I glued the right side of the wing and cut a small piece of magnetic tape and stick across the led for more stand support.

I cut a felt fabric that has the same length with the battery holder. Then decorated it they way i liked it...

Step 5: Enjoy Your One of a Kind Night Light

The feeling is really satisfying when your plan is finally put into life.. Experiment. And enjoy!! Maybe it looks a little bit complicated as it looks but It was simple and easy... Your nights will never be the same..

I made an angel light and my Korean Idol group Lights ~ GOT7.. got babies. It has magnets everywhere so that I can place them wherever / whenever I want..

It's a great gift Idea for a loved one. I made one as gift for my bestfriend coz' she said she wants one after seeing my project and she loved it!! Her expression was worth it and priceless!!

It was very cute and fun!! I had a lot of fun with these project. Esp. The Kpop group that I love.

Hope you liked it too!!
Spread the love and Share a smile ~
Have a haoppydays!
Have fun!!

For more questions and for the baby inquiry message me.
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