Hii Friends Today I'll Show You How To Make Simple DIY Arc Reactor Using WemosD1

SO LET'S Make It🔥

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Ws2812b RGB Led Strip
3D printed Box
Some Wires
5V Adapter
: Buying these from local shops would be a better

:- Arduino IDE

Step 1: Step 1: ​WS2812B LED (Neopixe L) Strips Are Individually Addressable LED Strips

WS2812B LED (Neopixel) Strips are individually addressable LED strips. These are awesome tools. The ability to program each LED individually using only one data line is amazing. The pad on the strips allow you to solder directly to this semi-flexible PCB, but I find that a little cumbersome. Here's how I make modular hookups for these types of strips or the older 4-pin style of addressable strips.

Step 2: Print Your Arc Reactor With 3D Printer

I made this using 3D printer

Step 3: Put the Wemos D1 in Arc Reactor

I have used Wemos D1 to make it because it is very small and also works great.
You can also use Nodamcu


I used this W2812b RGB Strip led in it

I would advise you to use the same as they are very good

Now you put the strip led in a REACTOR

As shown in the image

Connections :-
Vcc to 5V
Din pin to D3

Step 5: Put All Part in Arc Reactor

Now paste all the parts into it

Step 6: Let's Programming

Download Libraries

First we will need the adafruit neopixel library to control the LEDs. It can be found in the libraries manager, just search for 'adafruit neopixel' and select the one shown and install it....
Then to download the board definitions, open prefrences and paste .. into the 'additional board URLs' box. Then open boards manager and search for 'esp8266' it should be the first one, click on it and install it....

Create a new sketch and name it 'neopixels on WemosD1 with blynk' (or something that you're going to remember). Paste in the code. Change 'yourAuthCode' to the auth code for your project. (found in the 'nut' icon in blynk app) Change your wifi name and password to those of your network. Set the number of neopixels to the length of your strip. Plug your MCU into your computer, select Wemos D1 from the board menu in the ide, select the COM port and baud rate(115200) but ignore all the rest, it should be pre-configured.

Then upload!!

Step 7: BLYNK

Install blynk app from app store or play store.

Create a New Project in BLYNK app.Write Project Name and Select Wemos or WemosD1 from dropdown.An AUTH token will be sent to your registered email, note this down.Tap on the screen and add a ZERGBA WIDGET on screen..
Note: This will change colors only over WIFI not over internet.

Step 8: Finished

Thanks For watch

If you have any doubt, please ask in the inbox❤️

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