Introduction: Obstacle Avoiding Robot ◉‿◉

Hii Friends In this Instructable I'll Show You How To make Obstacle Avoid Robot Using Arduino UNO

So Let's Start ):-

Obstacle Avoiding Robot is an intelligent device which can automatically sense the obstacle in front of it and avoid them by turning itself

You will need some components to make it ◉‿◉


Arduino UNO
Motor and Wheel
Jumper Cables
Acrylic Sheet For Chassis
18650 Battery And Holder
Motor Driver
Servo Motor

Step 1: How Ultrasonic Sensor Can Be Used to Avoid Obstacles

Before going to build the robot, it is important to understand how the ultrasonic sensor works because this sensor will have important role in detecting obstacle......
The basic principle behind the working of ultrasonic sensor is to note down the time taken by sensor to transmit ultrasonic beams and receiving the ultrasonic beams after hitting the surface. Then further the distance is calculated using the formula.

In this project, the widely available HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor is used. To use this sensor, similar approach will be followed explained ...

Step 2: Attach the Motor and Wheel to the Chassis

Connect the wire to all motors And then fix all those motors on the chassis with glue

I used acrylic sheets. As chassis you can buy or make chassis yourself.


Step 3: Attach Arduino in Chassis

Now put the Arduino in the chassis

I fixed the arduino on the nut and bolt through the chassis. You can also fix it with Dobble sided tape.

Step 4: Connet Motor Wire in Arduino

Connect all motor wires to the metor driver

First attach all the motor wires to the motor driver's pin

Step 5: Ultrasonic Sensor

I use ultrasonic sensors

Step 6: Mount the ULTRASONIC Sensor With Servo

I first fixed the servo motor with glue on the chassis.

Then I put the ultrasonic sensor on the servo so that the ultrasonic sensor can rotate

Step 7: Connect the Servo and Sensor Wire in Motor Shield

  • Ultrasonic sensor Arduino UNO





SERVO PIN Motor Shield

All Servo pin

Step 8: Power Source

I used a 18650 battery to power the Arduino. You can do another one as well.

Power the motor driver with the battery

Place the battery in the holder

I have not installed any switch in the battery but you will definitely


Step 9: ✊Complete ✊

Now you can use it

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