DIY Alcohol Lamp - W/quick (stove Conversion) - Burns Standard Isopropyl (rubbing Alcohol)




Introduction: DIY Alcohol Lamp - W/quick (stove Conversion) - Burns Standard Isopropyl (rubbing Alcohol)

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in this instructable i'll show you how to make an alcohol lamp using an old glass bottle (add 3 metal cans around it and it becomes a stove!)

Step 1: Watch Short Instructional Video... (just Over 1 Minute Long)

Step 2: Read Description...

short video shows how to put together an alcohol lamp. great substitute for candles. i also included an easy way to convert it into a stove. burns standard isopropyl (rubbing alcohol).

Step 3: Items Needed...

1.) glass jar w/metal lid

2.) wick or wick-like material

3.) 70% isopropyl alcohol

4.) optional: 3 metal cans of the same size (that are slightly taller then the lamp) for the stove conversion

Step 4: Start by Cutting Hole in Lid...

best way to do this is to drill several small holes in the lid (in a straight line in the center of the lid). then just use a flat head screw driver to push thru and create the opening for the wick.. i recommend drilling up thru the bottom (or underside) of the lid. that way there will be a few rough edges pointing up (which should act to help hold the wick in place. in other words it helps to keep the wick from sliding down). once the hole is cut, just feed the wick up thru the underside of the lid. you can use a thin wick or a fat wick.

Step 5: Then Add the Alcohol...

add the 70% isopropyl alcohol and screw the lid/wick combination on to the jar. wait a few minutes so the wick has time to become saturated with the alcohol. then light it up. make a second one if you like

Step 6: Here's How to Convert It Into a Stove...

place three cans around the lamp and place a pan on them. see pics. since the heat is focused in a small area, it's best to use a cast iron pan. they spread out the heat

Step 7: Here's How It Looks

see pics... cooks very well. made a grilled cheese this day

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    Question 5 years ago

    Could you use kerosene instead of rubbing alcohol? Thanks.


    5 years ago

    Great multipurpose solution for hurricane season.