Introduction: DIY Arduino Based Auto Label Dispenser Machine

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Hello makers in this video I have made a arduino based auto label dispenser machine, this machine dispense labels automatically.

When you are in packaging and transporting industry there are continue parcel which need to label some sticker, this machine very much helpful there.

It automatically peel off label and dispense this make process fast. For this I used arduino micro controller, stepper motor to feed label roll and IR sensor to detect label

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Step 1: VIDEO

You can watch this complete video how I made this cool amazing fully automatic label dispenser machine

Step 2: Components Required

  1. Custom PCB
  2. Motor Clamp
  3. Arduino Nano
  4. A4988 driver IC
  5. Nema 17 stepper motor
  6. 5mm ID timing pully
  7. 8mm pillow bearing
  8. 8mm & 5mm smooth SS shaft 200mm
  9. 8mm ID timing pully
  10. Timing belt
  11. Push button
  12. Rotary Knob
  13. 16X2 I2C LCD display
  14. 3D printed parts
  15. IR Sensor

All 3D files you can download it from here


Here the gerber file of the PCB I used in this project also attached the simple circuit drawing so that you can make it if you don't want PCB


As you watched in video

Most of the part of this machine is made up of 12mm wooden sheet

There are mainly three wooden parts are Left, right and bottom part.

I mark the necessary dimensions on the wooden sheet and cut them with the help of my mini table saw

Then I placed the electrical parts and nema 17 stepper motor in between of two vertical wooden parts

I have used to 8MM shaft one to hold the label roll and one to pull the roll which is directly connected to the stepper motor,

Some 5 mm smooth rods are for slide guide for label

one IR sensor at the bottom continually detect the presence of label if label is not present it command stepper motor to run.

Some 3D printed parts are also used in this project like top cover of machine.

One 16X2 LCD is used for data display and some knob and push button is used for user data input.

hope you like this project if you have any comment please write it down below.