Introduction: DIY-BOOKSIDE "bedside Bookshelf"

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I am an industrial product design senior student. BOOKSIDE which is designed as DIY was my school project of the third class. Today, I remember to upload in order to reach more people.

Also you can have a look at the moodboard, if you want to see how I developed my project. There is a "how to make" video in the last step.

I hope that you'll like and try to do it.

I will upload the templates immediately.

Besides, I will response your questions and suggestions as soon as possible. So, don't hesitate to make comments.

Thanks and enjoy :)

Step 1: Materials and Equipment


  • 50x50 cm fabric
  • 30cmx40cm fabric
  • 5m yarn

I used thick felt for fabric.


  • Fabric puncher
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Metal ruler
  • A4 templates
  • Pen

Step 2: Make Marks

  • Lay out the template evenly on corners.
  • Make 3x4 points on each 4 corners.

Step 3: Make Points Punched

  • Make holes with the puncher.( All of the points should be punched.)

Puncher is not a must, also you can make cross-stitching with the needle. But the puncher makes works easier.

Step 4: Cross Stitch

  • Cross stitch with a thick yarn and needle.
  • After stitching, tie a knot.

Step 5: Make Point Marks

  • Use the another template for making marks.
  • Put the A4 sheet 4 cm inside of the 30x40 cm fabric.
  • Make point marks.
  • Put the piece on the other fabric and make marks.

Step 6: Punch and Assemble Two Pieces

  • Punch according to these marks.
  • Cross stitch by the holes to assemble two pieces.

Step 7: Finish

It is ready to use.

Step 8: Usage

Put in your books and enjoy it.

Anymore there is no need to look for a night table, while you are sleepy. :)

Step 9: Video

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