Introduction: Friendship Sleeve-bracelet With Arduino Lilypad

About: Industrial Product Designer

It is a conceptual design of friendship bracelet-sleeve.

That provides to communicate for friends with the lights inside of the bracelet.

If you remember or miss your friend, just write a text like "i miss you" . And the light of the friend's bracelet will be on.

You can make it and gift it to your besties.

I designed diagram of lilypad components on coffee cup sleeve template and bracelet.

But i am not very good at arduino things. so this project needs a code and a professional look.

So, i suggest you to improve that design together.

looking for your comments.


If you want to learn how i thought and developed that idea, you can have a look at here.

Step 1: Research and Concept Development

Step 2: Concept

Step 3: Usage and Concept of the Bracelet

Step 4: Materials


1)Lilypad Arduino Usb

2)Lilypad Led

3)Lilypad Coin Cell Battery


5)Lilypad Xbee

6)Conductive Thread

7)Cell Battery

Template for sleeve







Step 5: Diagram of Arduino Components

Lay out your components as shown below.

After that start sewing with conductive thread according to diagram.