Introduction: DIY: Baby Flying Ghosts

These cute little Ghosts will be flying around you house to get you in the Halloween spirit! Follow these 6 easy steps to make some of your own!


White, air dry clay
White ornaments (any size)
Push pins, thumb tacks, etc.
Black paint or sharpie
Fishing line
Optional: white paint ( this will be explained in step 3)

Step 1:

Make sure you have all your materials ready. Just a note, make sure you read the instructions before making your ghosts, so you don’t mess it up.

Step 2:

Measure out the length of your fishing line from the ceiling to the height you want the ghosts to be, then double it to make a loop.

Step 3:

Get your air dry clay out and get molding! Lay a section of clay on your ornament and make sure you blend your clay into the ornament as well as you can. Since you will be making a baby ghost, make your clay section pretty small, but a bit bigger in the beginning so you can cut the bottom of the clay to fix your ghost as seen in the pictures.
Your clay might dry a different color of white, and that's ok! If you have white paint, you can paint your clay and ornament after the clay dries so it's all one color. I suggest acrylic paint.

Step 4:

Once everything is dry, you can either use your black paint, or a sharpie to draw on your face! I would suggest to somehow draw an outline for the face, and be very careful with the media of your choice. Both are not easy to take off without buying other materials. After you make the face, use white paint to make highlights in the eyes.

Step 5:

Once your face is dry and ready, you can hang it up. Get your pre-cut fishing line and put one end through the loop of your ghost. Then, knot the ends. Next, you are going to take your push pins/thumb tacks and put it in between the knot.

How to make the knot:
Regularly make a double knot. Then do left over right, then right over left. Next, put your push pin/thumb tack over your knot, and make another knot over the thumb tack.

Step 6:

Now you're done! Be sure to hang it up somewhere where you cannot see the fishing line.