Introduction: DIY Bamboo Jew's Harp.

Today I will learn you how to make bamboo Jew's harp, with the minimum of tools.

This kind of jew's harp can be great to learning, for me the only problems it's that the vibration is not so long, so you can't do really really nice melody.
But it's enought to offer at kids, or at friends, original and relatively easy to do it.

Step 1: What You Need.

So don't need lot of things :

_1 piece of bamboo, like in the picture.
_Sand paper.

You can also use exacto, little scisors woods, and lot of other things, but I just want to show you the base, with minimum tools.

Step 2: Flatten the Bamboo.

With your knife, you have to make the bamboo the flatest you can.

So nothing difficult, just be carefull, the side of your bamboo, will become really sharp, you can work with gloves, or just sanding little bit.

This step is short and easy, but really important, if your bamboo is not flat, you will have some problems for the following steps.

Step 3: Make It Right.

For this step, you have to sanding the side of your bamboo to make make it right, well, maybe it's just opcionnal step, but I always do like this so...

You can also prune it in peak, but if it'syourfirst one, I really recommand you to make it right, it's really easier.

Step 4: Draw the Languet, and Start to Dig.

Well it's time to take a pencil and do the most important step of this instrucable, drawing the languet.

Firstly, some explanation about the languet, it's compose by two parts, the first one is really slim, this part is attached at the frame. The second part is bigger, it permit to do vibrate the languet.

So you have to draw all your marks, the languet have to be like 1 cm width, and separe the two part more or less in the middle.

After you have to begin to dig, first follow the line of your frame with your knife, and cut very well when it's perpendicular at the fiber's sens, and after, digging, you can cut in V, or use scisors wood, but dig only the fist part, slim one.

Step 5: Sanding and Cutting the Languet.

Well now you have the form of your languet, you can sand it little bit to make it nice, and after you have to cut it to separe it of the frame. You can just use your knife, or if you have, exacto, but be careful !

_don't cut every things, let the little-slim side atached at the frame.
_put tape at the extremity, your bamboo can explose when you cut the languet.

When it's separate, sand the beetween the languet and the frame, to have 1/2 mm of space.

Step 6: Finish It!

Now you have to chord your jew's harp, so for this, I can't really help you, each one is unique, maybe can you refine the first part of your languet, maybe the second part, but be carefull, if you do one mistake it's will be difficult to repair it!

You can also sanding little bit in the mouthpiece to be more confortable when you play.
or putting some rope at the extremity to have a good grip.
or make a little case with an other bamboo, because of course, jew's harp is nomad instrument.

Step 7: Video

Just a little video to show you how it's sound and how to play.
I'm sorry, the quality is really poor, but I haven't mic and good camera, so is better than nothing, but When I have some time, I will try to do something more... profesional.

Thank you very much, enjoy!

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