Introduction: DIY Beautiful Night Lamp

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I love giving handmade gifts to my dear ones. In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a simple yet amazingly pretty night lamp. It can be a special gift or you can make it for yourself too. Be a creator.

Step 1: Watch the Video

This video contains all the steps in detail. Go through it. It will give you a better idea.

Step 2: Parts Required.

1. Cuboid cardboard box - which can be opened along any one of its lateral sides.

You can also use cube.

2. LED strip - - - -

Though the power supply which comes along it is crappy but we can use it since the whole 5 meter of the strip is not used. You can also use a wall adapter or make a circuit of your own by employing step down transformer and bridge rectifier.

3. Paint colors - White and a Dark color of your choice.

I used fabric colors because it gives a better look.

4. Box cutter

5. Paint brush

6. Wall outlet

7. Pen or pencil

8. Hot glue gun

Step 3: Select a Shape.

For the lamp, you have to select a shape for your pattern. It can be stars or hearts or anything you like. I am drawing hearts. Draw you shape on a small cardboard piece and cut it out to use as a stencil so that all the shapes would be same.

Keep the size of your shape small because the dispersion of light will make it large already. Bigger the size of the room smaller the shapes should be.

Draw the pattern on to all the lateral sides of box. This will guide in cutting out the pattern.

Step 4: Prepare the Box.

Using a box cutter, cut out all the shapes carefully. This may take a little patience.

After cutting out the pattern, color inside of the box with white color to provide maximum reflection of light. Color the outside of the box with any dark color our choice. I used black.

The box is ready. It is time to move on to the electronics part.

Step 5: Construct the Light Source.

Take a cardboard piece of length a few millimeters less than the diagonal of the box. Measure the LED strip along the length and cut out twice the length. The video will give you a better idea. Cut two such strips. Peel over the covering tape and stick the LED strip on both the sides.

Connect positive and negative terminals of both the strips using a wire. Now, connect the power supply. Solder the DC wires of supply to the LED strip.

Step 6: Fuse Them Together.

This the final step. Before fusing them together check the power supply and the strip to make sure all the connections are right and everything is working fine.

Make a small square at the center of the top face. Pass the wires of wall outlet through it. Solder these wires to the AC wires of power supply. Use shrinking tube for insulation. Now slide in the prepared LED cardboard piece along diagonal of the box. As the power supply was taking a lot of space I removed the covering. Adjust everything on inner side of top face and fix it using hot glue gun.

Step 7: Done!

So, the piece of beauty is ready to spread its shine.

Here, you can see multiple reflections. This is because the edges of the cuts are not clean. If you don't want multiple reflections, choose cardboard accordingly or completely build the box from wood. I like it this way. Go ahead and make one.

Thank you for reading :)