Introduction: DIY Beehouse

Make your own bee house!



-2'x2' of plywood (gives you extra wiggle room)

- wood glue

- extra 2x4 scrap

- wood glue

- circular saw

- ruler

- square

- pencil

- 2 wood clamps

- wood scraps

- drill

Step 1: Measure Wood

Measure out your wood. You will need one 6" by 12" panel, two 4" by 12" panels, two 5" by 7" panels, a 4" by 4" panel, and a 10" by 7" by 7" triangle that's 5" in diameter. Make sure you double-check your measurements before you cut your wood. Even though you'll have extra wood, you want to conserve as much as you can.

Step 2: Cut Wood

Cut out all your wood using whatever saws you have available. I used a circular saw to cut out my wood. Make sure the edges are sanded down.

Step 3: Construct House

You want to have the 6"x12" board as the back of your house. Attach it to the two 4"x12" boards so that they form the sides, then attach the 4"x4" board to the bottom so that you have a rectangle with one side missing and no top. Next, you want to put together the roof. Glue the two 5"x7" panels to the outside of the triangle. There will be a small gap at the top of the roof. Use two wood clamps to keep the house together while the glue dries. Try to let it dry for at least a day.

Step 4: Nesting Blocks

Use wood glue to glue together the roof and the house. let dry for at least a day. While you're waiting for it to dry, find pieces of scrap wood to put into your house. Try and have them as thick as possible. Drill small holes into the blocks of wood. These will be where the bees will nest. Then stack your wood blocks inside the house, like bricks, using wood glue to attach them to each other.

Step 5: Stain/Paint and Done!

Use a stain/paint of your choice to finish off your house. You can decorate it and personalize it however you want. My partner and I tried making the roof look like an open book. Add a weatherproof layer if you want it to last for a while outside. Then you're ready to put your house outside for some bees to move into!