Introduction: DIY Beer Bottle Lamp

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Hey guys in this Instructable, I will show you how to recycle old glass bottle into a beautiful Night Lamps.
This Night Lamp is a portable one and works on CR2032 Battery.
Each Battery Lasts for around 20 Hours on Constant Drain.

Step 1: You Will Need

For this Project, you will need

Step 2: Solder the Fairy Light

Cut the Fairy Light From the battery holder, this battery holder can be reused for some other project.
Taking a CR2032 Battey Holder connect the terminals to the two wires of the fairy light.
Keep a Mind about the polarity of the LED Light
Solder it Using some third hand, check out this third hand

Step 3: Take the Label Out

Using some Hot water and dishwashing soap, prepare a container to dip the bottles.

Soak the Bottles for 30 min then scrub them slightly the labels will feel peel off easily.

Step 4: Put the Light in the Bottle

Now drop the Fairy Light in the bottle slowly, Once the end part comes to put the battery holder in the top of the bottle. You can use Glue gun to secure it but I have used some Black Tape to keep it secure.Once everything is done you can put the battery in and enjoy the ambiance.

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