Introduction: Pocket Sized Wire Loop Game

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Hey, Guys, do you remember back in the 90s when PUBG didn't take over the world, we had so many wonderful games.
I remember I grew up playing the game in my school carnival. It was so daunting to get it through all the loop.
As Instructables is having the pocket Challenge, I thought this would be a good time to shrink thing and also let the generation remember how cool it was in a day.
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Step 1: Collect Your Supply

These are all the supply for building the project

Step 2: Strip the Wire Insulation

If you also end up buying a wire that is having insulation, you need to first strip the insulation off.
Using a Xacto Knife, strip the wire insulation.
This will take some time but I guess if you are like me you will enjoy this.

Step 3: Selecting the Base

Now for the base, you could use a normal Plywood, Cardboard anything.
I choose to 3d print the enclosure as this would also make my design skills better.
Before you start shouting you need to buy a 3d printer for this, lemme tell you that I prefer to do as I have a lot of filament and the cost per project also decreases.

Step 4: Glue the Part in Their Place

Once the part is printed, using hot glue stick the part together.
First, join the battery with connector and then using some hot glue stick to the base.
In my case, I have already predefined the box where it will get connected.
Then take the buzzer and also stick to the board, don't glue the outlet of the sound just glue the side.
I have already made some tiny holes for the sound to get out

Step 5: Making the Handle

Using an m8 Threaded Rod I made the handle by wounding the wire around the Rod.
The handle is made out of the same wire.
Solder the handle to the wire.
Using a heat Shrink, secure the connection.
I used my heat gun for it.

Step 6: Making the Wire Loop

Using your imagination, twist and make turns and loop and prepare the wire loop track.
I went full crazy on this, you can make it less intimidating.
The wiring diagram is given I just eliminated the led.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Game

Now its time to challenge your brain . Show how much patience you have.
Take the journey to this end to the other end of the loop.
This is a good project for a school science project also,

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