Introduction: DIY BiPap Mask From a Wisp

We've tried several bipap masks and all of them gave our son bruises and skin abrasions. So, we tried to make something light and minimal with no bumps, added thicknesses, or extra material to cause bruises.

Step 1: Borrow From the WISP Mask

Cut off the section of the WISP that goes around the nose piece. Sew three buttons on to it at the top and sides. It's not just made of fabric - there is a hard (plastic?) in the center, so I drilled holes first through the button holes to be able to thread the needle through. This picture shows a child's giraffe headgear -- but the adult headgear is the same.

Step 2: Buttonhole Elastic

Use buttonhole elastic (~$8 on Amazon). Cut one piece to connect from one side button -- around the head -- and connect to the other side button. Cut a second piece to connect to the band behind the head - up the middle of the head -- and connect to the top button. Sew a button on one end of the second piece of elastic so you can attach it to the middle of the first piece.

You can either cut to the exact length you want -- or leave it a little longer so that you can adjust it to be tighter or looser. The only problem with leaving extra is that you have a little extra elastic hanging in front of where the tube connects.

Step 3: Done

We usually just leave it connected when we pull it on and off, so it makes it really fast and easy to put on and take off. So far there have been no bruises with this set-up!!