Introduction: DIY Bike Rack for $20 / Bike Storage Stand & Cabinet for Garage

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Looking for a cheap and easy DIY bike rack? This rack requires nothing more than a drill and a few 2x4s, some bike hooks, and a handful of screws. For measurements and more, check the video!

Step 1: Clean Up Your Space and Measure Your Wall

You'll need roughly 12" of space per bike, plus 12" on either side of the bikes on the ends. For example, my 5 bikes needed ~7 feet of wall space. For my area, I used two 8 foot long 2x4s and cut them each down to roughly 84".

Step 2: Mount the 2x4s on Your Wall

These measurements are VERY important, so pay attention here. The lower 2x4 should be mounted roughly 65" from the ground. This will ensure that most bikes will hang freely from the hooks. There might be some exceptions to this rule, so consider measuring the length of your bikes first.

The upper 2x4 should be mounted roughly 14" above the lower 2x4. This will stagger your bikes so that their handlebars don't clash.

To mount the 2x4s to your wall, use 3 ½" screws and make sure to screw them into the studs. I used two screws per stud.

Step 3: Mount the Bike Hooks on Your 2x4s

The hooks need to be mounted 24 - 26" from each other on the same row. This will allow enough room to remove the bikes on the opposite row without having to remove any other bikes. After mounting the hooks on your lower 2x4, center the hooks on the upper 2x4 between the hooks on the lower 2x4.

To mount the hooks, pre-drill the holes using a ⅜" drill bit and then thread the hooks into the hole. These are the exact hooks I used, they're extremely affordable and crazy sturdy.

Step 4: Optional: Build a Cabinet for Your Bike Accessories!

I didn't add steps for this, as it's a bit more complex and needs more tooling. If you're interested, watch the video at the top of this Instructable to see more details on the cabinet I built.

Step 5: Mount Your Bikes and Enjoy Your Organized Bike Area!

That was easy, right? I turned my cluttered bike area into a clean and easy to navigate storage area in an afternoon, and only spent $20 in the process! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.