DIY Bride Guide: Bathroom Baskets

Introduction: DIY Bride Guide: Bathroom Baskets

Hi! I'm Maverick12 and I'm a DIY Bride. My wedding is filled with crafty projects just like this easy Bathroom Basket. I got the idea from scouring the internet like many brides before their wedding. This is intended to be placed into a bathroom, typically women's, to serve as immediate need items that people may forget while they are attending the reception.

Step 1: First Find a Basket

I happened to have a basket given to me by my future mother-in-law some time ago. I found some ribbon in my stockpile that matched my wedding colors and tied a pretty bow to it. This gave me something decorative to put all my things in.

Step 2: What Goes in the Basket

Since this is going into the women's restroom I added some extra items. Take all of these items and place into your basket. I couldn't fit the boxes for the feminine products, so I wound up taking them out of the boxes and packaging only some of them.

mini first aid kit, complete with bandaids

pkg facial cleansers with some makeup removers



Clear Nail Polish (emergency use in stopping runs in panty hose)

Hair Ties (because I always snap mine)


Re-Nu (contact solution)

Tide to Go Pen

Fresh Breath Mints or Strips

Spray Deodorant (this way anyone can use it)

Feminine products

Cotton balls or pads

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