Guide to Basic Makeup Brushes

Introduction: Guide to Basic Makeup Brushes

So I don't use makeup everyday. But I like to have some staples around for when I do need it. I'm a fan of this basic kit my mom got me a while back. It's been very useful. The brushes have become a staple in my regimen.

Step 1: The Powder Brush

The largest brush in my kit is the powder brush. Since my foundation is a powder, this is what I typically use to apply it. I do have other foundations, but those require a bit different technique.

I've found that this type of brush gives a very even look to it. It blends well, particularly when using bronzer.

Step 2: The Contour Brush

I like this brush to be very fluffy. It's designed for use with blush, and sometime's bronzer. Since I like a natural blush, this keeps product to a minimum.

Step 3: The Shadow Brush

I used to use those cotton pads for applying eye shadow. Then I found this and I've never looked back. The product goes exactly where I want it and with how much I want. The angled edge does well with details, particularly the crease of the eyelid.

Step 4: The Blending Brush

Blend blend blend is the key! The blending brush does just that by reducing harsh lines between layers and colors of product. I typically use it with eye shadow, but on the occasion with concealer. It's extremely soft and spongy.

Step 5: The Liner Brush

I had two uses for the liner brush. First, for liner. Rather than using a liquid liner, which for me, gives a harsh look, I use a powder. Typically the powder is in the same color family as my eye shadow. The thin angled edge allows for precise application.

Step 6: The Eyebrow Tool

This combo brush has a comb and stiff bristles. The comb straightens out the eyebrow and gathers in any stay hairs. Then, the brush removes any product that's been there previously and allows for the application of new product. I find I don't use this one as often. My eyebrows tend to fall pretty naturally where I want them. Although, I may be using this more in the future. I had my eyebrows waxed for the first time and I really liked it. Now I need to keep up with it.

I hope you enjoyed this basic tutorial on brushes and their uses. Best of the luck!

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