Introduction: DIY Bride Guide: Quilled Flower Decor

Hi! I'm a DIY Bride and I love paper-crafting. I got into quilling a couple years ago and started making these gorgeous flowers. Quilling is actual a lost art form of rolled paper. They make nice and simple decor on a table next to candlelight. Plus - they are easy to make. I pick a couple episodes of my favorite TV show and just go to town. I hope you enjoy making these flowers.

Step 1: Supplies

A Quilling Tool. This is a stick, typically metal, with a slot at the end.

Some glue. I like to use liquid glue for this, but I use a small application style.

A quilling measuring tool. This isn't necessary, but I've done other major projects with quilling so I found it useful.

Quilling paper. I buy mine pre-cut. There's a multiple of websites you guy buy them from, including amazon. This size is 3/8" wide.

Wax Paper. The glue has a tendency to get everywhere, so to protect my surfaces I use wax paper.

Step 2: Center of Flower

Pick the center color of your flower. I chose a pastel green. Slide the end of the paper into quilling tool slot. Leave about 1/8" on the other side of the tool, away from you. Then, twist the tool towards you. This rolls the paper over itself and begins to form. I put two quilling pieces into my center. To do this, stop rolling the first paper approximately 1/4" from the end. Slide the next paper into the roll between the tail and the roll. Continue rolling. Slide the roll off of the quilling tool very gently. Place the roll into the measuring tool. Allow the the roll to expand to its size. Remove the roll from the measuring tool and pull the end out slightly. Place some glue on the end of roll it back together.

Step 3: Make Petals

Now, we make the petals. I made 5 petals for this flower. Typically you want to go two sizes around the center of the flower on the measuring tool. I made this particular flower only one size greater. This resulted in space between the petals. It still looks okay though. This type of flower makes a great top for layered flowers.

Following similar steps from the center, roll two pieces of quilling paper and measure. Then glue the roll. Pinch one end between two fingers, forming a tear drop. Repeat until you have all the petals you want.

Step 4: Make Flower

Next we make the actual flower. First, take a petal and place glue on the large rounded side. With the petal flat on the wac paper, press it into the center of the flower. Repeat around the circle of the flower.

Allow it to dry before moving again.

All Done! I hope you enjoy creating these beautiful flowers as decor.

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