Introduction: DIY Bride Guide: Wedding Centerpieces

Hi! I'm a DIY Bride and it took me forever to come up with a center piece that I liked. This particular wedding is theatre-themed, so I wanted something to reflect that. This centerpiece utilizes old music sheets, cardstock, and wine bottles.


Step 1: Prepare the Wine Bottle

First - prepare the wine bottle. This requires removing the labels and scrubbing it clean. I'd also wash out the inside.

Then - wipe the bottle down with isopropyl alcohol. This completely cleans the bottle. I've spray painted bottles before without doing this and I noticed a huge different when I tried it.

Next - Spray paint the bottle. I'm using a matte spray paint by Krylon. It doesn't list glass as a material, but it turned out pretty good. Stay a couple inches away from the bottle so it doesn't cause drips.

Allow the bottle to dry. This is the longest part. Since it is on glass it takes forever to dry. Don't touch it!

Step 2: Prepare the Paper

I'm using cardstock. The thickness makes it difficult to roll, but it holds up and looks better in the end. I alternated between shades of blue, because blue is my favorite color. I'm also using vintage music sheet papers my best friend found at a yard sale.

First - Roll the paper hot dog style. Adjust your diameter as needed. I didn't measure mine, just eyeballed it each time. Run strip of hot glue down the edge and roll into the seam. Hold it momentarily. Don't hold it too long or the hot glue will stick to whatever is beneath you.

Next - make a whole bunch. It varies with each wine bottle based on size, but I averaged 5 music sheets, and 6-7 blue card stock sheets per bottle.

Step 3: Attach to the Wine Bottle

First - Place a roll of paper up against the bottle. I cut mine just above the curve to the neck of the bottle. As I move on to other rolls, I also adjusted the heights at different ones. I liked the look.

Next - Cut the roll at the height you want it. I just used plain scissors.

Then - Run a line of hot glue down the roll. I didn't run it the entire length because some of it was above the bottle's curve. I ran mine down the seam, so when I press it onto the bottle, the seam is hidden.

After - Quickly press the roll into place on the wine bottle.

Repeat. I altered between music sheets and colored card stock. But you can do as you wish.

Step 4: Wrap Your Bow

First - Measure out your ribbon. I'm using a silver ribbon as an accent color. I used nearly 2-1/2 feet. It allowed me some wiggle room for the bow.

Then - hot glue your ribbon in place along the back in the center of the ribbon. This will help hold it in place.

Now for your bow.

1. Cross your ribbon, left on top of right.

2. Tuck the left ribbon up under the right ribbon. Pull it tight.

3. Form a loop with the bottom ribbon.

4. Wrap your top ribbon around the bottom ribbon.

5. Make a loop with the top ribbon, tuck it behind the top ribbon's loop and through the wrap around.

6. Pull Tight.

I like this bow because it is very easy to adjust and work with. Pulling on the loops make it tighter. Pulling on the tails makes the loops smaller. Then hot glue in place.

Step 5: Some Awesome Decor

All Done! I spiced mine up a bit with some candles.

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