Introduction: D.I.Y Bull Horns for Bike

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After building up a classic 90s fixie, I needed some nice bull horn bars.Obviously the thought of dropping 50 knicker to buy some didn't occur to me.A lot o f things can be reused or upcycled to another purpose. When  was younger we used to chop up 'drop bars' like in the 70s but they don't have the length.

items =


Lawn mower

bike ( presumably)

Step 1:

get lawnmower from shed, cut off top part of handle to length you require.N.B if you still wish to use lawnmower you can make a flat bar handle out of a pvc pipe or bamboo. drill 2 holes in it and you are in business.

you can get wrecked mowers from mower repair shop,dump shop, your mower.

put it on a stem, jobs done.
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