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Introduction: DIY Bumble Bee Camera Lens Buddy for Kids Photography

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I came up with a idea of making this camera lens buddy when I wanted to gift something for my friend who is expecting. Her husband loves photography and he takes family portraits and kids portraits too.I remember, once my friend was telling me that how difficult it is for him to take portraits of kids as they fear on seeing the camera and starts crying. So I thought it will be a great gift to make a camera lens buddy to take beautiful photographs of their expecting baby. And so I ended up making this buddy bee to send it to her along with other gifts. Let us see How I made it.

Step 1: Materials Required

Yellow, black , white felt -one 9" X 12" sheet in each colour

Googly eyes - 2


Hot glue gun or Felt glue

Elastic - 9" inches

Sewing machine (If you don't have sewing machine , use hot glue )

Safety pin

Step 2:

The basic thing for this camera buddy is to make a Scrunchy to fit the lens. I found the scrunchies available in the stories are of small widths and also dull colours. So I decided to make my own. If you can find one that suits your taste you can get that . If not, make one like I did. Take a long strip of yellow felt of length 20" inches and width 4" inches. As the sheet has only 12"inches, attach a 8" inch piece along with 12".

Step 3:

Fold it in half and make a stitch with 1/4" inch of seam allowance. Use a safety pin (as shown) at the end of one side and insert it inside the fold on same side and bring it out at the other end to turn the folded piece inside out.

Step 4:

Insert the elastic inside the felt . Overlap it about an inch or so and make some zigzag stitches to secure it in place.If you are using hot glue for making this lens buddy, use needle and thread to make stitches and secure the elastic.

Step 5:

Now overlap the ends of the yellow felt and make a stitch along with the elastic. Now the Scrunchy is ready.

Step 6:

It is time to cut the other pieces like head ,antenna and wings for the bee. Cut long stripes of black felt and hot glue on the scrunchy for the body of the bee. Draw the wings , head on a piece of paper and use it as a template to cut the felt pieces.

Step 7:

Glue on the eyes and attach the head pieces and wings with hot glue . Voila !! You now have a cute bumble bee buddy (bbb- sounds rhyming !!) for your camera.

How cute is the bumble bee buddy for the camera lens? If you are a photographer then this is something which will help you make the kids photography easier.Have a couple of different animals or birds buddy for lens and change them from time to time to attain the kids attention.The scrunchy is the base for making this lens buddy, so try making different animals or cartoon characters as you desire. What do you think about this idea ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below .And if you like this instructable, please vote for me in the "Photography Tips & Tricks Contest".

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