Introduction: DIY CARROM BOARD

Carrom is an indoor game mostly played in India, Sri Lanka and some other south Asian countries. It became famous in UK also, after common wealth games.

The game has similar rules in different regions. You've black and white coins and a bigger Coin called 'Striker' used to hit the coins and a score is given if they get pot.
I'm not a professional woodworker and I made this all due to my interest, so I didn't expect some extreme results but it came out to be a good board though.


1. MR grade Plywood 8mm to 16mm thick
2. Wood Saw
3. Wood Glue
4. Permanent Markers
5. Pencil, Ruler & Protector
6. Wood Stainer ( rosewood used here )
7. Polyurethane varnish
8. Sanding Papers 220, 320

Step 1: The Plywood and Cutting.

I checked for some high quality carrom boards online and found that most of them used 12mm plywood, but they were very expensive like 10,000 INR..
I went with MR grade 12mm Plywood 6X4 ft. viz was about 1080INR.

I marked the cutting outlines and used a hand saw to cut the pieces. For playing area it's about 29 Inches and 37 inches with border.

Step 2: Wood Filling & Sanding

Once the pieces were cut to size I used a 220 Sand paper to slightly sand the Plywood. Applied acrylic putty to the Plywood and let it dry.
Again I used 220, 330 Sanding paper to further smoothen the surface.

Step 3: Markings and Coloring

Here's a Carrom markings as used for professional carrom making. For markings I used Pencil, Ruler and Protector, Colored Hauser permanent marker for color filling.

Step 4: Polishing

I used woodfin polyurethane varnish 2 coats were sufficient in my case. This increased the smoothness and protection from scratches.

Step 5: Fitting and Drilling

For borders firstly I cut their corners at 45° and used rosewood stainer before varnish coat.
Finally I drilled four holes and glued all the pieces together carefully. I also used 1.5 inch screws to hold the layers into place.
For support I glued some wood sticks making a network at the back of the playing area.