Voice Recognition Robot "chappie"

Introduction: Voice Recognition Robot "chappie"

a simple voice recognition robot made by a voice recognition robot,arduino uno r3 and l293d motor driver.

Step 1: Programme a Voice Recognition Module Via Arduino

record your voices and save them on vr module;

the module,when detects a particular word it lowers the voltage on particular output pin of module.

Step 2: Connect the Output Pins of Module to Input Pins of Arduino.

Step 3: Now Programme the Arduino

i used an arduino uno,programme it in such that if there is any drop of voltage in an input pin,arduino outputs to a corresponding output pin

Step 4: Use a L293d Motor Driver

connect the corresponding output pins to leds and l293 motor driver

Step 5: Fit the Components in the Chassis

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    5 years ago

    Really cool! I love homemade robots!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks 'manager'