DIY Camp Oil Lamp

Introduction: DIY Camp Oil Lamp

Make your own OIL LAMP on your camping trip, for a log cabin wild feeling or great simple DIY project for kids!

Step 1: The Material

*Glass or any other holder, if it's transparent you've hit the spot!

*natural rope or cloth (1" wide, 4" long, rolled to get a 4" long tube) or rolled cotton pad (ideally at least 3" long)

*piece of wood or any floatable stuff (like bottle cap, ...)

*oil or any slow volatile fuel

*tools: knife or scissors

Step 2: Prepare the Wick

Make a hole into the floater. Knife, scissors, drill - anything goes.

Put the self made wick through.

Step 3: Add Fuel and Submerge the Wick

Pour in the fuel and submerge the wick. Watch out not to submerge it totally, since it burn too hard.

Step 4: Light Up and Enjoy

Well .. you need an open flame source :)

Step 5: Put It Out

Put the lid over and cut the O2 supply and the light will "turn itself off".
Enjoy making it.

Simple and great DIY kids project!

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