Introduction: DIY Repair Your CAR 12V Socket Insert

What is a 12V socket insert? Its a connector of your device (charger, gadget or in my case a cooling box) to the car battery via socket inlet in car cockpit.

Goal #1 To repair the damaged insert (lost the tip) so the gadget can be connected again, with minimum & cheap materials that you normally have as "leftovers" in your toolbox and trash around your house.

Goal #2 Test the thing! Check for any overheating or melting of the components. I've tested 2 times, connected totally of 9+ hours, 4 hours straight. Worked like a charm!

Skills Needed:

Mechanical: determine bolt and hole sizes drill holes with knife, use OF screw driver, read a ruler or tape measure, think spatially
Finemotor skills: cutting. Be careful here, since hard plastic is hard to cut! Use protective gloves for safety!

Tools & Materials:
Multitool or knife/blade-screwdriver-ruler
Piece of wood used as a base for cutting
Duckttape or any other strong tape
Screw 1 1/3" length, 1/8" wide (you can try with different screws or use a copper wire instead!)
Bottle cap or any other harder plastic

Step 1: Get Your Tools & Materials in Order, Prepare the Work Place

Preparation is a key of any successful project.
Clear the work place, gather the tools & materials

Step 2: Compare Working Insert With Damaged One

To get a feel about a screw length, compare the nondamaged to the damaged insert.

Step 3: Cut Bottle Top Into Shape That Will Hold the Screw Into 12V Socket Insert

Safety first! Use good working gloves and piece of wood as a base for cutting the bottle cap.
Trick: preheat the bottle cap with open flame (lighter works magic here) to soften it, so it's cut easily!

Make a hole into the plastic piece and screw in the screw.

Insert into the 12V socket insert and adjust the depth of the screw. The screw must contact touch the inner metal plate in order to close the electrical circuit.

Step 4: Use Duckttape to Hold in the Screw

Use 2 pieces of duckttape to hold the screw in and check if the screw is moving up/down.

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