?DIY Candy Guarland-Room Decor Tutorial-Easy & Cheap-Part 2

Introduction: ?DIY Candy Guarland-Room Decor Tutorial-Easy & Cheap-Part 2

Hello there!! Let me show you how to make some super simple, but adorable and affordable fake lollipops, jaw breakers, striped candies and chocolates to make a very cute guarland! You can check out Part 1 of my Candy inspired Room Decor DIY right here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elurm...The winner of the giveaway is….!!‘’Fun With Kawaii’’! Congratulations to you! Please send me a private Youtube message with your postal address (make sure your parents give you your permission to send me your address ;) Here are the materials you will need:-Medium and Small-sized styrofoam balls-Wooden sticks-Acrylic paint of the colors of your choice-Jesso paint (or many layers of white paint)-Mouthing tape-Toothbrush-Exactoknife-Glue on bails-Tacky glue-Glaze/Varnish-String-Jumprings-Plastic wrapper-Thin white ribbon-Paintbrushes

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