Introduction: ?Homemade Funfetti Cake Squishy-DIY Squishy Tutorial+Giveaway!!!

Hey guys! I’m super happy to celebrate my first year on Youtube with all of you, by showing you how to make your own birthday funfetti cake squishy using memory foam and some puffy paint! I hope you will have a lot of fun making it and again, thank you so much for all your support and sweetness! Go check out my friend Jonathan’s Clothing Line: **Giveaway details:***You have until March 11, 2016 at Midnight EST to enter the giveaway! I will announce the winner, that will be chosen randomly, in my next video on March 18, 2016. The winner will then have to send me a private message via Youtube, that will include his/her name and address. If the winner doesn’t send a message one week after the announcement, a new winner will be chosen.To enter you have to:1.Make sure you ask your parents or legal guardian if you can participate (if you are under 18 of course :P)2.Be subscribed and receive notifications from my channel. (by clicking on the little notification bell)3.Give this tutorial a little like (thumbs up! :P)4.Comment below your favorite flavour of cake!And, you can also share this tutorial so more people will be able to participate and the more people participates, the sooner the next giveaway will be :P (maybe at 10K subs? Who knows ? :P)Good luck..and may the odds be ever in your favour :P Here are the materials you will need:-Memory foam (I got mine for free from some super nice people in a mattress store! They were samples of their memory foam mattresses :P)-3D paint-Glue-Polymer Clay for the sprinkles-Clay gun (optional)-Dotting tools-Acrylic paint-Exactoknife-Fabric Scissors-Gloves (optional)MUSIC:The copyright free music in this video was found on FMT: Name: Cloud NineArtist: Marc From Paris(haha, I know I use it often, but I REALLY Love this song!!)Music by Joakim Karud found his music through Taylor R's vlogs and I looove his music so much!! )