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Introduction: DIY Car Nearside Camera

This camera is used to see nearside (Passenger side) view of a car while driving. Generally car learners feel fear to drive in traffic particularly on small roads. They feel fear of dashing other vehicles or people walking by the side. Until one gets experience, learner cannot assume the gap between his car and nearside objects.

I built this one for my father. My father used to drive in village roads. Recently we shifted to city. Here all the time roads are full of traffic. That's why my father afraid to drive on the busy roads. After installing this camera it became easy for him to drive.

In this project I used rear view camera. Because of reverse camera, image is flipped. I do not know how to flip the image in monitor. To rectify the problem I used mirror. Help in flipping the image in monitor is welcome so that we can avoid the steps from two to eight. It will be helpful while travelling in mountain roads, off-roads etc. I hope all the car learners may use and enjoy this project.

Step 1: Parts Needed

1. Car rear view camera with monitor

2. Mirror

3. MDF board

4. Double sided tape

5. Needles

Step 2: Prototype

I hot glued the mirror with an angle of 90 degrees. Disadvantage is that we cannot close the mirror. It may be broken. Later I modified this.

Step 3: Dissassembling the Monitor

Disassemble the monitor.

Step 4: Making Cover for Mirror

Take a small piece of paper and make template so that it exactly fits to the monitor. Cut MDF with the help of paper template.

Step 5: Attaching Cover

  • Cut the top plastic piece.
  • Drill holes on both sides of the MDF and monitor.
  • Insert needles on both sides.

Step 6: Attaching the Mirror

Paint MDF and attach the mirror with hot glue.

Step 7: Building the Support for Mirror Adjustment

Take the plastic strip that we previously cut from the monitor. Make 2pcs of 4cm each. Drill holes and attach as shown in pictures. Assemble the monitor.

Step 8: Stand

  • Remove the top piece from the stand that showed in the picture.
  • Attach the stand piece to small piece of MDF with the help of screw and hot glue and paint it.
  • Apply 2 sided tape to the Base.

Step 9: Car Camera

Drill a hole to insert the camera very carefully otherwise rainwater may flow inside and damage the wiring and car. Apply hot glue around camera to prevent water leakage.

Step 10: Fixing Monitor in Car and Wiring

Fix the monitor with double sided tape at convenient place to see from driver seat. For power supply I used cigarette lighter slot.

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    5 years ago


    Take care of that monitor. I have to repair my, because the backlight went out at the first hot week of the summer. It was working nicely whole winter and spring, but after few hot days it started to flicker (it was fine when cooled back) and after a while it just went out completely.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks for watching.. What you said is correct. In my project I used MDF (cover) which acts as heat reflector. I have been using this for six months and even in summer I had no issue.


    Reply 5 years ago

    I have repaired my screen. I had to completely disassemble it (even the LCD screen) and had to replace two small (0.5x3mm SMD) LEDs at the backlight. They are soldered onto a ribbon PCB, so that was not easy, but now it works again :)

    About the mirroring problem:
    It is hard to mirror or modify the composite video signal, your solution is elegant and achievable to all, who want to follow. But if you search the best option, simply buy a front/side view camera like this:


    Reply 5 years ago

    It's good to hear that you fixed your monitor. Thanks for the camera link..