Introduction: DIY: Card Crafting by Quilling

Here i give you instruction for making a colorful card for the mother's day.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • Pencil.
  • Glitter.
  • Glue.
  • 2-3 A3 size paper depending on your colour choice.
  • Yellow sheet *1 size A1 /A2

  • White sheet*1 size A2

  • Grey sheet *2 size A2

  • Red sheet *1 size A2

  • Mango colour sheet *1 A4

  • Pink glitter tube *2

  • Yellow glitter pen*1

  • Pink glitter pen *1

  • Smiley's *2 brown and yellow.

  • Scissor

  • Zig zag scissor

  • Roller scale / scale

  • Eraser

Step 2: For First Page: Take A3 Paper

First make lines along the paper for the strips.

I have used white sheet as this strips would be attached to the surface of grey sheet.

Step 3: Now Cut the Strips

Step 4: Now Roll the Paper

Now the strips that are cut, make the shape according to the image and glue it together.

Step 5: Continue... (First Page Completed)-Quilling

Now start putting all the cut out strips in the following design.

I have used red paper for the heart shape.

Step 6: For Second Page

Draw the mother's sketch.

Then use the glitter for the boundary.

Later, add a beautiful message below that.

Step 7: For Third Page

Make a sun using the yellow glitter sheet and make eyes and smile by the use of brown glitter sheet.

And for the sun's surface use quilling by the use of mango colour sheet rolled in oval shape.

After that add message to the top of the sun.

Step 8: For Fourth Page

Take a red sheet cut its boundary with zig-zag scissors and paste it on the main sheet of paper.

After that stick different paper's on it. You can make design as per your needs.

I have used different strips to make it look colorful.

Step 9: Making a Cover

Take a red colour glitter sheet and draw the design.

After sketching cut the design.

Step 10: Continue...

Now take a yellow colour envelope and stick the red glitter paper on it.

Step 11: Alternative to Page 1 Design

You can also make this design and add to the first page of the sheet.

Do leave a like if you like this card.

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