Introduction: DIY Cardboard DJ Stand

This is how YOU can make a DIY Cardboard DJ Stand, witch, by the way, is fully customizable!

Step 1: Material List

-Cardboard box

-Plastic sheet

-Tape (Make sure it’s strong tape!)


-CD’s (For the scratch disks) -

Markers (For the boom boxes)

-Marker box

Step 2: Step One: Cut and Tape

The first thing you have to do is cut a sizeable hole in the plastic sheet. (Make sure that the plastic sheet is big enough for the box!) Next, tape the plastic sheet to the box.

Step 3: Step Two: Color Till You Drop

Now you have to color in the boom boxes. You can color them any color you like; be creative about it! When you are done coloring the boom boxes in, tape them onto the plastic sheet. (We used the small flaps from the cardboard, but you can use separate sheets of cardboard if you want to.)

Step 4: Step Three: Wicca Wicca SCRATCH

Thirdly, you have to tape on cd’s to make them as “scratch disks”. This is where the creativity can strike in. All you have to do is grab some markers, and decorate! Speaking of that, here is the last step...

Step 5: Final Step: Decoration and Makey Makey

Use anything to make your DJ stand awesome! Bottle Caps to tin boxes, you can use anything. Just to remind you though, this is totally optional. Have fun decorating! When you have either a littlebits makey makey, or the original makey makey, you can attach it according to the instructions.