Introduction: DIY Cardboard Dartboard

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Whether you're looking for a fun game for your office or your garage, this simple cardboard dartboard is an easy build to relieve some stress and throw some darts around.

Step 1: Materials

Cardboard box (thicker the better)

Cereal box

Straw (thicker the better)

16x M6 Nuts

3x M6 Set Screw, length up to you (Alternatively use bolt, as long as nuts and bolts are matching size)

3x Rivets


Hot Glue

Duct Tape

Utility Knife



Drill + Bits


Step 2: Build Dart Shaft and Flight

1. Draw Dart Flight and Cut: Draw out the dart flight as per the dimensions shown onto a cereal box. (For fun, cut out areas you want visible on your flight). Cut the flight out using utility knife.

2. The flight is made up of two equal parts, cut a line halfway down one, and halfway up the other, this will allow you to slide the dart flights within the two cuts to make them stay together.

3. To make the shaft, cut the straw into 3 equal parts, then cut 4 slits in to the back of each part, roughly 1/2 in deep.

4. Slide the assembled flight and shaft together. Use a dab of hot glue to hold in place if desired.

Step 3: Build Barrel and Point

1. To assemble the barrel, take the set screw and screw on 4 nuts.

2. Place the assembly into a vice, and choose a drill bit with a slightly larger diameter than the diameter of the base of the rivet.

3. Drill into the set screw until deep enough to insert the rivet flush to the collar of the rivet.

4. Place a dab of hot glue inside the set screw and set rivet in place to create point.

Step 4: Complete Darts

1. If possible, leave some of the set screw sticking out beyond the last nut to allow the straw to a better fitment.

2. Place a circle of hot glue around the end of the set screw and press the front of the shaft in place.

3. The darts are now complete.

Step 5: Build Dart Board

1. Measure the length of your rivet/dart point.

2. Begin marking a piece of cardboard just wider than the length of the rivet.

3. Use the piece as a template to continue cutting strips of cardboard until you feel you have enough. (You can make more later).

4. Begin rolling the cardboard strips, adding a small piece of duct tape to the end of each strip to keep in place. (Tip: Roll the cardboard on top of the following strip to keep the roll as tightly wound as possible).

5. Continue rolling until you reach your desired dart board size. (Mine came out to 10in).

6. For flare, use some more of the cereal box to create a final ring around the dartboard.

Step 6: Draw Game and Complete Board

1. To draw your desired game (I drew a simple point based black/white dart board), begin by measuring the diameter of your board.

2. Make markings for where your rings will be, based on how many points you want to include.

3. Use black marker to draw out rings alternating between a space and a black ring. (Following the grain of the cardboard strips makes this easy).

4. Draw your Bulls-Eye.

5. Dart board is now complete. You can hang the dart board by placing two small nails in your wall, the nails will sink into the cardboard and hold it sturdy in place.

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