Introduction: D.I.Y. Cardboard Stamps

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Cardboard is the first thing that comes in my mind (most of the time) whenever I want to make something. Cardboard is a very useful crafting material and easy to use. In this instructable I'll show you how to make stamps using cardboard. Making these cardboard stamps was fun and I hope you enjoy making them as well :)

Let's start!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make cardboard stamps you'll need:

1) Cardboard,
2) Glue (hot glue or white glue),
3) Scissor,
4) Clear Scotch Tape,
5) Pencil,
6) Fabric Paints,
7) Shape Templates.

Step 2: Templates

You can use any pattern or shape you want, to make the stamps.
I used different shapes. Here's a template of the shapes I used to make the cardboard stamps.

Step 3: Cutting the Shapes

Print out the patterns and cut them out of the paper.

Place the cutout shapes or patterns on a piece of cardboard and trace around the edges.

Cut out the shapes using an x-acto knife.

Step 4: Preparing the Stamps

I can use 2 pieces of cardboard for each stamp to make it thicker. Glue one cutout shape over the other one (similar shapes),

After the glue dries carefully remove the top thin layer of cardboard to get the corrugated part out.

Step 5: Attach the Handle

Take a small piece of cardboard to make the handle,

Now roll it as shown in the picture and glue the sides to secure the roll,

Now simply attach the handle on the back side of the stamp shapes using glue (hot glue or white glue).

Step 6: Have Fun Stamping!

Now it's fun time! I used fabric paint for stamping.

Place the cardboard shape stamp on the paint and make sure every stripe is covered with paint or you can also use a paint brush to cover the stripes with paint.
Now start stamping!
You can rotate some shapes (triangle, circle, square) to create a checked pattern.

These stamps are easy to make and fun to use. Try making some now!


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