Introduction: DIY Cheesecake

Everyone loves Cheesecake. We all know that, but we do not always have the time to create one quickly. There is a solution though! This Instructable will guide you to quick and easy steps for creating a delightful Cheesecake for you and your family and friends.

Time Cost:

Approximately 30 minutes (+- 5-10 minutes)

3-4 Hours for Cooking and Cooling the Cake

Safety Concerns:

- Make sure to wear gloves when cecking for cooking cake, and also when taking it out of the oven

- Also get additional help if needed

So lets get right to it!

Step 1: Ingredients


For cake base:
200 g Flour

100g Sugar

1 teaspoon baking powder

1x Vanilla sugar

1 Egg

75g Butter

For filling the cake:

1kg Magerquark

1 cup Sugar

1 cup Oil

1x Vanilla sugar

2 Eggs

1 teaspoon lemon juice

0,5l Milk

1x Vanilla pudding

Step 2: Grease Your Pan!

First thing to do is the greasing of the pan with an extra bit of butter you have left over. This will help your cake to form while cooking in the oven.

- Make sure you grease it from all sides (Bottom and the Side of the Pan

Why is this important?

Greasing the pan is important depending on the recipe you are going to follow for your cake. For this cake, however, it is a better solution because it fat-based recipe cakes tend to rise when being cooked. Therefore greasing will help this process to finish at the best outcome possible.

Step 3: Preheat Your Oven

Before you finish the cake filling, crust, and mixtures be sure to preheat the oven by 180 degrees celcius (or 360 degress farenheit).

Step 4: Create the Crust Mixture & Knead the Crust!

After you have measure your ingredients according to the recipe, you will need to create the crust mixture. For this you will need to add the all the Crust Mixture ingredients together (Preferably in on big bowle).

After the mixture is done, you will have to knead it until a fine, firmly, strong crust is finished.

Please wash your hands before kneading the mixture!

Step 5: Adding the Crust Mixture in the Pan

When you have knead the mixture into a strong mass, carefully add the mixture into your greased pan.

For this step cover all sides of the pan full with crust mixture, and also adjust it to a clear flat surface for the later filling of the cake.

Step 6: Mixing the Filling

For this purpose have a medium sized bowl ready.

For mixing the filling it will be hard to mix it with your hands, so please have a mixer ready as well. It does NOT matter if you have hand mixer or a stand mixer.

Additionally, the order of the ingredients added into the bowl does NOT matter.

Step 7: Adding the Filling Into the Pan

When you have finished mixing the filling into a smooth liquid, add it into the pan over the crust.

Make sure to spread it evenly, so the cake gets a good surface at its top.

Step 8: Put the Cake in the Oven for Cooking

Gently add the cake to a safe spot in the already preheated oven.

Step 9: Cooking the Cake

Leave the cake for 1-2 hours in the oven to cook.

Check if the cake has a good consistency after approx. 1 hour. Therefore take a spoon and poke the cake slightly. If there are any sticky pieces of the filling remaining, leave the cake cooking for a little while more.

Then take additional 2-3 hours to cool the cake.

Step 10: Finishing of the Cake

Lastly, if the cake has a good shape and good consistency, take it out of the oven and turn off the oven.

Step 11: Your Own Cheesecake!

And you have succesfully finished your own personal Cheesecake! :D

I hope you have enjoyed this quick guide to creating your own cheesecake, and thank you for your attention!

Step 12: Full Guide in One!

Here I have provided the whole Guide for creating the Cheesecake as a long video format, to give you a quicker version of the guide if needed.