Introduction: D.I.Y Chevron Pattern Stencil

This instructable will show you how to make your own re-usable chevron pattern stencil!
You can simply wipe down the stencil after use and use it again and again, on whatever you wish!

Step 1: Step 1 - What You Need...

Ok so to start making your own stencil YOU WILL NEED the following:

1. Paper (However big/small you want the stencil to be)
2. Craft knife
3. Pen & pencil
4. Ruler
5.Cutting mat / back of a table mat
6. Brown tape
7. A flat surface
8. Newspaper (To go underneath so you don't get paint on anything!)
9. Blue-tack / Pins
10. Fabric paint / Ink / Paints
11. Paint brush / Sponge (A good quality paint brush will ensure you don't end up with lots of bristles falling out while stenciling!)

STEP 1: 

-Draw out your chevron design using your ruler and pencil.
-Then using a pen, make a thick outline around the section you need to cut out.

Step 2: Step 2...


-Cover your paper in the brown tape (Try to avoid making air bubbles)
-Place your stencil on the back of a table mat or a cutting mat. You should be able to see your design highlighted by pen through the brown tape, so cut around the lines using your craft knife. When you've finished cutting the design out, cut your stencil down to size leaving approx an inch around the design to allow for excess ink etc while stenciling.
-If you have got a few air bubbles underneath the brown tape, using the end of your sleeve, push the air bubbles to flatten them - particularly around the edges of the design. This will prevent the ink/paint from bleeding under and around the edges.
-Now pin your stencil in place if using fabric. if you are using paper/card, blue-tack will help to keep the paper/card still.

Step 3: Step 3...


-Now take your paint brush and fabric paint, and begin stenciling!
-When you have painted all the holes in your stencil, remove the pins and lift it up carefully, then wipe the stencil down with a damp tissue to clean it.

Step 4: Step 4 - Finito!

You have finished!

You can use a hair dryer to dry your design or just leave it somewhere out the way while you begin your next one!

Thank you for reading, and keep checking back for more!