Introduction: DIY Chicken Coop Out of Recycled Pallets.

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Do you Have a lot of Chickens But not a lot of extra scratch? In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make a chicken coop out of recycled wooden pallets and some scrap particle board from the local salvage store. its a great challenge and a fun way to help the environment by recycling.

Step 1: Material List:


flat head screwdriver

Phillips head screwdriver

pry bar

saw (miter saw or circular or hand)


pallets and scrap wood boards

power drill/driver optional and preferred

Tin roof optional (we had a spare piece so we used it)

Time and patience...


Step 2: Break Apart Your Pallets

this step takes the most time and patience.

I like to wedge a flat head in between the boards and hit it with a hammer,this makes enough space to get the pry bar in so you can gently rock the wooden pallet boards off one by one. If gently rocking doesn't work use the hammer and a little more force trying not to break the wood. there are a number of Instructables on how to do this step, feel free to use any of those methods as well.

You want to end up with at least 10 4ft 2x4s.

you can use all the boards for insulation or fancy paneling for the coop

Keep a pallet for your base foundation 4x4, 4x6, 6x6 your choice.

Step 3: Begin Constructing the Walls

using the pallet foundation you set aside, start attaching the 4 foot 2x4s onto each corner. (You may want to use braces because this can be quite difficult without) after the corners are secure, run another 2x4 in between each of the corners and across the top of each corner connecting all of the corners making a box. You can use scrap wood to make triangle braces to help reinforce the structure.

Step 4: Add the Walls

using some of the particle board you saved a bundle on at the local Restore salvage shop measure and cut 4 walls,and attach three of them leaving a side for a door, if your like me you will have to patch work some boards together to make a whole wall.

Step 5: Add the Roof

using more particle board and the tin roofing, make a roof that covers the top with a little overhang for the rain. secure using screws or nails and silicon calk.

Step 6: Add the Door

for the door you want to be able to get into the coop to clean and get the eggs, so I went with one that can be lowered like a ramp. there are many ways to accomplish this part but this one is fun for everyone. You can also cut a smaller door out of the big door for the chickens to use on the daily...

Step 7: Paint As You Wish

Feel free to let your family go wild and paint the coop however they want.... the chickens don't mind and they may even like the bright colors.

Step 8: Chickens Like Boxes

chickens like to lay their eggs into an enclosed box type area. We made this out of an old cubby shelf that was rescued from an elementary school.

Step 9: You Are All Set!

There you have it!!! a chicken coop for under 30 dollars using recycled pallets!!!! You can make this same coop for more expensive if you wish but wheres the challenge in that? recycling is good for the environment and is a fun way to create a little home for your new winged friends.... thanks for using this instructable, and hope you have many eggs!

Step 10: Check Out My Video

Now that you have made it or are stuck on a certain spot, check out my video.... it may help or just make you laugh!!!

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