Introduction: DIY Chocolate Bar Style Gift Wrapping, Chocolate Gift Ideas, How to Gift Wrap Chocolate Bar

This is a great idea for packing a small gift, not just a candy bar. Thus, you can pack a small item and present it to your friends, colleagues, and anyone else. A simple, but at the same time beautiful card with a surprise will appeal to your friends and family.

The attached video shows the whole process of drawing a lamb and a unicorn step by step, as well as the complete process of creating a packaging for a chocolate bar.


  • ✁ drawing paper, preferably a density of 200 g/sq., because the packaging must keep its shape;
  • ✁ markers or colored pencils;
  • ✁ paper glue or double-sided tape;
  • ✁ chocolate bars

Step 1: How to Size a Package in Relation to a Chocolate Bar

Take a sheet of paper on which you are going to draw a package, attach a chocolate bar to a sheet of paper and mark its length with a pencil - this will be the height of your package.

Step 2: Creation of the Packaging Base

Draw a lamb, unicorn, or any other image that will serve as the basis for your packaging.

In the video attached at the beginning of the instructions, I showed the whole process of drawing a lamb and a unicorn. You can repeat my drawings step by step.

Step 3: Creating the Top of the Package

Place a chocolate bar on the bottom of the package and measure the length from left to right as shown in the picture to step and in the video (at the top of the instructions).

Draw the top of the package you need the width you need. I showed how to draw in the video.

Step 4: Connecting the Bottom and Top of the Package

Connect the bottom of the package to the top with paper glue or double-sided tape.

Place the chocolate bar between the bottom and top of the package, you can secure it with double-sided tape for safety.