Introduction: DIY Christmas Planner!

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Hello everyone and happy holiday season! I wanted to share this cute and fun way to organize yourself during Christmas. I use this planner to track my gifts, budget, things I need to do or buy this holiday season, and most importantly to put me in the Christmas spirit. If you would like to check out the video I made for a better visual I will leave a link to my YouTube video here as well. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy this DIY Christmas planner.

Step 1: Empty Planner

Empty your planner of all previous accessories because we want to add in lot of Christmas details! I used my recollections planner from Michaels.

Step 2: Supplies

Take out all of your cute Christmas accessories like gift tags, pens, cards, ribbon, embellishments, etc. Here are a few pictures of mine.

Step 3: Fill the Planner

Start filling your planner with essentials like to do lists, blank paper, post it notes and such.

Step 4: Decorating Your Planner

Use the accessories to make your planner extra festive! I wanted to keep gift tags available for display and also for practical reasons, like if you are on the go and need a tag. Arrange decorations in the pockets.

Step 5: Pens

Use your favorite pens like these papermate pens or Parkoo Erasable Pens to give your planner color and for functional use!

Step 6: Christmas Cards

Stuff a handful of cute Christmas cards in the back incase you are on the go and need one! You can also display these as decoration like I did.

Step 7: Final Look

Here is what the Planner looks like all put together! I hope this brings you some organization and some Christmas joy!

Step 8: Follow Me

I would love to see your Christmas Planner too! Follow me on instagram @sweetblyss and use the hashtag #sweetblyssdiy or #thisisblyss

Thank you!